Motion Picture MP80-7

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman -The Stacked Deck, Episode No. 8

Administrative Information

Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
25 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 8. The Stacked Deck. The subject of this episode is the Potsdam Conference.


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Moving Image Type
Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
0:00   World War II scenes; military equipment; soldiers; European scenes; refugees; bombed buildings; Potsdam; Harry S. Truman, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin.
1:40   Truman speaks on Potsdam.
2:15   Hungry people, refugees.
2:25   Truman speaks on displaced persons.
2:55   Credits begin.
3:40   Russian Army dancing.
3:53   Truman speaks on thoughts of going to Potsdam; U.S.S. Augusta, Truman and Secretary of State James Byrnes aboard, on way to Potsdam.
4:31   Truman and Byrnes inside U.S.S. Augusta looking at maps.
4:51   Refugees, etc.
5:02   Truman speaks about tough decisions they faced at Potsdam.
5:14   German refugees.
5:41   U.S.S. Augusta: Truman eats with crewmen.
6:30   Refugees.
7:03   U.S.S. Augusta sailing, Truman on deck.
7:21   Soviet troops - attacking eastern European countries.
8:33   Lend-Lease agreement ended, stopping food shipment to England and Russia; Truman says he signed without reading.
9:23   Photo of Ambassador Joseph E. Davies.
9:34   Photo of Ambassador Harry Hopkins.
9:39   U.S.S. Augusta met by British fleet, scenes of England, bombed buildings.
10:47   Train from Moscow to Potsdam.
11:25   Truman is first to arrive on U.S.S. Augusta.
11:53   Berlin streets, motorcade.
12:06   Truman addresses crowd at Berlin.
12:21   Truman reviews troops.
12:55   Truman speaks of Churchill - Potsdam house.
13:28   Churchill arrives, greets Truman.
13:55   Truman speaks of Churchill.
14:12   Stalin photo; Truman speaks; says he was impressed with Stalin.
14:44   Truman and Stalin posing for photos.
15:06   Potsdam Conference.
15:22   Truman speaks of being Chairman; he was the only one that had an agenda at the meeting, etc.
16:36   Conference, seated at table.
16:51   Map of Eastern Europe.
17:29   Refugees.
17:46   Truman speaks of Conference
18:03   Truman tells of entertaining Churchill and Stalin; photo of Eugene List, who entertained on the piano.
19:09   Gap in film.
19:19   Churchill's party, Royal Air Force Orchestra.
19:40   Russian band, troops, etc.
20:37   British election; Atlee elected.
20:54   Clement Atlee arrives.
21:04   Truman speaks of Conference.
21:35   Atlee comes to Conference table; Molotov can be seen.
22:16   Conference table.
22:26   Truman speaks of agreements, signing; says Russia didn't keep agreements anyway. Stalin did make concession on Refugees in Eastern Europe.
23:29   Refugees.
24:07   Troops fighting.
24:25   Stalin; Truman.
24:42   U.S.S. Augusta heads homeward.
25:21   White House.
25:29   Steel mill scene, reference to Cold War.
25:49   Truman speaks of United Nations as hope for the world.