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Decision: The conflicts of Harry S. Truman - Man on the Lid, Episode No. 9

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Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
25 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 9. Man on the Lid. This episode deals with post World War II inflation and price control.


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Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
1:00   Truman comments on going broke after World War I, and need to avoid same mistakes after World War II; asked Congress for price control.
2:24   Credits begin.
2:57   Japanese surrender.
3:17   Victory parade - Victory in Japan Day.
3:37   Truman - won the war, but quest for surviving the peace.
4:00   Communist challenge - Russia hoped American economy would be too weak to stop Proletariat revolution.
4:34   Truman comments - reconvert war economy to peacetime economy.
5:28   Servicemen return - pressure on prices.
6:12   Housing - speeded film - prefabs.
6:50   Mules pull Model T - car industry.
7:00   Stockyards.
7:10   Hungry people and riots in Europe.
7:50   Truman in 1919 and haberdashery.
8:14   Mrs. Eddie Jacobson speaks about haberdashery.
8:30   Edgar D. Hinde speaks.
8:34   Truman comments on business failure; railroad farm scenes.
9:24   Truman in Key West, Florida, speaking with advisors.
9:53   Potsdam Conference; rubble in Berlin.
10:00   Truman walking.
10:07   Samuel Rosenman speaks on domestic affairs, New Dealers; photos of Roy Roberts, U.S. Conservatives (sound is bad temporarily).
11:50   Truman comments on Price Control speech requesting extension of price controls - September, 1945.
12:14   Truman with John Snyder, Samuel Rosenman, and others.
12:39   Snyder speaks on creating jobs.
13:00   Truman comments on Snyder, who cautioned Truman about liberalism - Truman labels Snyder as a right wing conservative and says he didn't agree with him.
13:45   Rosenman explains fair deal.
14:10   Listing of programs: Housing -- Full Employment - Minimum Wage - Social Security - Civil Rights.
14:45   Truman comments - no doubt of his course.
15:10   Rosenman speaks - labels Truman Administration "as liberal as any in history of U.S."
15:50   Truman comments on conservative opposition.
16:05   Cartoon of clash of Congress.
16:25   Congressman Jerry Morton speaks against Truman program: Senator Alexander Wiley - Rep. Robert F. Rich of Pennsylvania.
17:10   Truman comments - criticizes conservatives.
17:50   Free enterprise - to make it work you need rules.
18:15   Truman comments on Congressional extension of price controls.
18:40   Truman comments on lobbyist pressure against price control during spring, 1946; lobbyist had "no conscience whatever".
19:37   Consumers and farmers save "Savings of the People".
20:10   Chester Bowles - speaks on price administration, resigns.
20:47   Truman comments -Congress passed bill with "two impossible provisions" - Sen. Robert Taft and Sen. Kenneth Wherry.
21:25   Truman comments on veto bill.
21:50   Address of June 29, 1946.
22:30   Inflation - prices rose 35%.
23:10   Congress extends Presidential wartime power; economy strengthened.
24:35   Truman speaks of meeting Eddie Jacobson again.
24:50   Truman comments on battling inflation until danger disappears.