Motion Picture MP81-12

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - The Reluctant Ally, Episode No. 22

Administrative Information

Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
26 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gem and David Noyes

Episode 22. The Reluctant Ally. This episode deals with America's relationship with Japan during and after World War II.


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Moving Image Type
Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
0:00   Japanese militarism and World War II scenes.
0:54   Admiral William Halsey speaks; Kamikazes.
1:33   Harry S. Truman speaks - unconditional surrender, May 8, 1945.
1:40   Credits.
2:25   World War II scenes in Pacific.
2:47   Truman comments on final stages of war with Japan.
4:30   U.S. Naval bombardment - Iwo Jima.
5:25   Truman comments.
5:40   Japanese economy geared for war.
7:15   Why Japanese fought - history and culture; unquestioning obedience to higher authority; Shinto - Emperor veneration - Samurai.
9:00   gap in film.
9:45   Japanese soldiers on move - yelling Banzai.
11:40   Pearl Harbor and World War II scenes.
12:17   Victory in Europe Day.
12:24   President Truman speaks on VE Day and calls for unconditional surrender of Japan; Kamikaze and severe losses for U.S.
14:10   Admiral Halsey speaks - emphasizing unconditional surrender.
14:25   Truman comments - 4 million Japanese still under arms - fanatical.
15:15   gap in film.
16:00   Potsdam conference, USSR stalling on intervention.
16:25   Truman comments on Joseph Stalin - Stalin wanted outer Mongolia and Manchuria.
17:00   U.S. fight bloody island battles. Few Japanese surrender; "Save face and die." Japanese cities bombed.
18:45   Atomic bomb.
19:00   Truman comments on success of A-bomb - Stalin stubborn at Potsdam - on free port in China, but U.S. still wanted Russian assistance; Stalin's reaction to new weapons.
21:17   President Truman announces dropping of A-bomb.
21:40   USSR declares war on Japan.
21:58   Truman comments on USSR intervention.
22:19   Secretary of State James Byrnes speaks.
22:30   U.S. waits.
22:30   Japanese reply - Truman comments on retaining Japanese emperor.
23:25   Truman and Byrnes - Emperor subject to Supreme Commander.
23:40   Japanese surrender.
24:10   President Truman announces Japanese surrender.
24:43   Truman comments - Russian's to be dealt with - Tokyo did not become divided like Berlin; Japan became free and a friend of U.S.