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Motion Picture MP81-14

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - Police Action, Part 2, Episode No. 24

Administrative Information

Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
26 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 24, Police Action, Part 2. This episode deals with the Korean War after the United States' entry.


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Moving Image Type
Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
0:25   United Nations scenes - it does not act.
0:47   Harry S. Truman arrives in Washington.
1:05   John D. Hickerson speaks of meeting with Truman.
1:35   Credits.
2:30   Korean refugees.
3:08   Truman at Blair House with military and State Department leaders; interior of Blair House.
4:15   Secretary of State Dean Acheson speaks of intelligence report of Russian involvement.
4:38   General Omar Bradley speaks of Russian equipment in North Korean armies.
5:05   Acheson speaks of American Army in Korea.
5:34   American soldiers; Truman orders General MacArthur to evacuate American civilians from Korea. Ammunition was sent to Korean army. Seventh fleet ordered into Formosa area.
6:48   U.S. scenes; Acheson speaks.
7:30   Ernest Gross speaks of U.N. events; Declaration calling attack an aggression was adapted unanimously.
8:21   Dean Acheson speaks of reports on war.
8:37   Korean war scenes; Acheson speaks.
9:14   Omar Bradley says South Koreans had to be supported by ground troops - American troops were sent from Japan; war scenes.
9:58   American troops boarding ships to go to Korea. Bradley speaks of fear of third world war.
10:56   Truman speaks of Formosa; scenes of Nationalist Chinese troops.
11:41   U.N. Security Council meeting - vote to support South Korea; John D. Hickerson speaks.
12:05   Dean Acheson speaks of Soviet system.
12:42   Gross speaks of Soviets at U.N., farewell luncheon for Jacob Malik; Trygve Lie had urged Malik to go back to Security Council meeting -Gross was upset with Lie about this.
14:18   Combat scenes; June 27, 1950, statement by Truman; Truman speaks of U.N. involvement - U.N. troops.
16:18   Acheson speaks of Senator Harry Alexander Smith of New Jersey asking Truman if Congress should pass resolution supporting this action.
16:55   Truman speaks - some Congressmen wanted to formally approve U.S. action.
17:07   Acheson - felt it was bad for Congress to approve anything.
17:57   Truman speaks of need of freedom for President to act; Acheson speaks on importance of Korean decision.
19:07   General Bradley - it was U.N. action, not U.S. action.
19:18   U.S. forces; combat scenes.
19:54   Gap in film.
21:13   Truman speaks of peace terms - wouldn't agree to letting prisoners of war captured in South Korea be returned to North Korea because they had been forced to fight.
22:19   Bradley says mission was accomplished - invaders repelled.
22:40   Border - North, South Korea.
22:49   Truman speaks - President's first duty is the U.S. - next is to maintain peace by supporting U.N.
23:30   Truman in office at Truman Library.
23:47   Acheson speaks of Truman's decision-making; never paused to consider his election potential. Decided without ego, personal ambition.