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Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - Ring of Steel, Episode No. 13

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Motion Picture
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26 minutes
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Black & White
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Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 13. Ring of Steel. This program deals with the rise of Communism and the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


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Shot List

  • Reel 1
1:35   Harry S. Truman speaks of first 2 years after end of World War II. Fears of a third world war - had to take a chance to prevent it.
2:06   1947 - secret meeting in France of French and English - pact of common defense against Communism - Dunkirk Treaty.
3:15   Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands are invited to join Dunkirk Alliance.
3:34   Nations signing Brussels Pact. American people disturbed by rattling of arms in Europe.
3:49   Joseph Stalin, Soviet troops.
4:01   Austria occupation, shared by U.S., England, Russia and France: Russia wanted Austria as satellite.
4:39   Communists arrive in Vienna. Planned disorder, mob violence. Truman says they "tried to make another Czechoslovakia" out of Austria.
5:13   Italy - Swastika erased.
5:28   Japanese troops surrendering.
5:47   America after war; servicemen return.
6:06   Truman speaks of hope for peace.
6:25   Russian and American troops greeting each other.
6:33   Potsdam Conference - Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill.
7:00   Russia after World War II, receiving spoils of war.
7:44   Russian Army in Iran. Stalin says "If we hold Iran, all Asia will be ours."
8:07   Turkey - Stalin challenges; wants to have Russian ports on straits that separate Turkey and Black Sea.
8:37   American Sixth fleet puts on show of force.
8:55   Greece - next Russian target, Greek Civil War. Truman offers American aid.
9:26   Berlin Blockade.
9:48   Berlin airlift.
10:06   Czechoslovakia - attacked by Russia; Clement Gottwalv subverted Czech democracy. Czech leader, Edward Benes resigned when faced with Communist cabinet.
10:53   Poland - becoming Communist. Army commanded by Stalin's General.
11:24   Truman addresses joint session of Congress - recommends supporting nations that are democratic and stopping Communist expansion.
12:09   Truman speaks "if you post your property with no hunting signs you'll be less likely to wake up and find hunters there." Speaks of Grandview farm. Photo of his father.
13:00   America dumped fighting equipment and depleted strength - empty jeeps tanks, etc.
13:16   Truman speaks - knew Russians would fight.
13:29   United Nations - Andrei Gromyko claims U.S. is undermining U.N. to set up its own policies.
13:51   Russian military scenes. Western states prepare military block to contain themselves.
14:17   Truman speaks. Russia taking German missile scientists to Russia for development of weapons. What would Russian role be? Weakness invites attack. Speaks of the stubbornness of the Missouri mule. Compares with Russia.
15:52   American scenes; economy prospers. Baseball; horse races; beach scenes.
17:12   North Atlantic Treaty Organization - America divided. Senator Arthur Vandenburg of Michigan - spoke for isolationism.
17:50   Truman speaks of Vandenburg. He reserved stand on isolationism in Congress.
18:48   Congress scenes. Maps of North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries.
19:19   Opposition leaders. Scenes of Spain, Germany, North Africa, Italy, etc. Difficulties in getting countries together.
20:32   Warren Austin at U.N. speaks of NATO treaty as being directed against aggression.
21:27   Russia rebuilds war machine; Stalin.
21:58   Truman speaks - was Russia trying to frighten us or really march into Western Europe?
22:20   Dean Acheson before Committee on NATO Treaty. Arthur Vandenburg questions.
23:33   Senate votes on NATO; it passes.
23:50   NATO signing, April 1949.
24:37   Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, troops of different countries, Truman quotes Franklin Roosevelt about preventing war. Says we have "unstable peace, but peace."
25:01   Truman speaks - history bears witness that NATO prevented another war.