Motion Picture MP81-4

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - Man from Missouri, Episode No. 14

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Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
26 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems And David Noyes

Episode 14. Man from Missouri. This episode covers civil rights and the desegregation of the armed forces.


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Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
: 0   Abraham Lincoln.
:25   Thomas Jefferson; White House; slavery.
:40   Harry S. Truman appears - comments - notes Missouri is Southern and ancestors owned slaves; story of his mother and Lincoln's bed.
1:40   Truman being sworn in.
1:50   Scenes involving Negro plight.
2:16   Truman comments on lynching and need for civil rights.
2:45   Truman reviews troops.
3:05   Truman comments - equal treatment in Armed Forces.
3:20   Credits.
4:00   Harry S. Truman comments - growing up - Black cook.
4:49   Southern Dixiecrat scenes.
5:18   Truman in National Guard uniform and comments on not wearing uniform in Grandmother's house.
5:40   Blacks in fields - cotton - sharecropper's huts - Ghettoes, economic discrimination.
7:05   Truman comments - Constitution is color blind; do what is right.
8:20   Integrated school: Truman comments on.
8:20   Scene of Nazi's.
8:45   Truman comments on Nazi prisoners going to white dining car and Black guard had no food because train was segregated.
9:55   Truman in Kansas City or Independence; appointment of Civil Rights Committee.
10:30   Gap in film.
10:40   Arson scenes and anti-Black slogans.
11:05   Truman comments.
11:23   Narrator comments on Constitution.
11:36   J. Edgar Hoover testifies about beating of Negroes.
11:45   Riot scenes and aftermath.
12:15   White House scene.
12:28   Truman signs - integration of armed forces.
12:42   Truman comments on report of.
13:00   Troops - segregation of - to be ended.
13:30   Truman comments on Committee on Civil Rights.
13:55   Omar Bradley - opposed integration of armed forces.
14:13   Truman comments on study of segregation in armed forces. Importance of individual in U.S.
15:25   Black troops in battle - World War II.
16:43   Truman comments on Executive Order to end segregation.
17:00   Kenneth Royall, Secretary of the Army, announces policy.
17:25   Truman comments - cites Eisenhower's conclusion on trend in military.
18:10   Senator quoted - conservative - Senator Burnet R. Maybank.
18:45   Truman comments - Negroes began to express their opinions with President on their side.
19:28   Gap in film. Representative Adam Clayton Powell - Black ministers.
20:00   Black pickets in front of White House; refused to bear arms.
20:05   Truman comments on support of opposition.
21:07   Civil Rights platform in 1948 convention and Strom Thurmond's reaction.
21:53   President Truman speaks.
22:00   Representative Tom Abernathy criticizes program.
22:29   President Truman speaks.
22:40   1948 convention - opposition and Truman comments on Executive Order and basic fairness of American people.