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Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - I Want My Daddy Back, Episode No. 15

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Motion Picture
907 feet
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26 minutes
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Black & White
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Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 15. I Want My Daddy Back. The subject of this program is the demobilization of the armed forces after World War II.


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Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
0:00   0 Introduction - Truman vs. "Mothers of America" - May-September 1945.
0:55   Harry S. Truman - comments - why soldiers could not go home.
1:54   Truman - says General Douglas MacArthur needed troops.
2:12   Credits.
2:50   Truman comments - 3 million U. S. troops in Europe.
3:18   General George Patton speaks - Germany looks like "hell".
3:50   German prisoners.
4:00   Victory in Europe Day celebrated (May 8, 1945).
4:18   Truman comments - scenes of his experience in World War II.
4:50   Home scenes and letters.
5:45   Truman comments - Boys said, "I want to go home!" This created pressure for him in office. Scenes of conflict in Europe.
6:40   Mail call for U. S. troops; Lounging.
7:05   War in Pacific continues.
7:15   American women buying nylons.
7:40   U.S. Troops fraternizing with women in Europe.
8: 40   Bob Hope cutting up. Bathing beaches.
9:30   Maneuvers - troops in mud - troops waiting.
10:18   Truman notes point system for sending groups home. Didn't work too well.
10:50   Paratroopers; General Dwight D. Eisenhower inspects.
11:45   Truman notes troops doubled up on ships to go home.
12:16   General Omar Bradley speaks on pressure to demobilize troops on ship.
12:57   General Bradley describes demobilization.
13:07   Truman comments that demobilization was "disintegration."
13:20   Air Force men going home.
13:50   Truman comments - Main Street and work places in U.S.
14:17   Russian troops - Joseph Stalin.
14:25   Truman comments that Churchill wanted slow demobilization - notes de Gaulle incident about Stuttgart, Germany. Josip Broz Tito trying to occupy Trieste.
15:20   Troops and weapons.
15:30   Folks at home.
15:50   Truman comments - parents influenced Congress. Congress put heat on President.
16:20   Dwight D. Eisenhower speaks. We are "tearing down our Army."
16:44   Congress decides to bring boys home.
17:00   President Truman speaks to Congress on Universal Military Training and "pay price for peace." (segment of speech).
17:40   Troop ship - homecomings - parades.
19:14   Truman comments - notes.
19:30   More homecomings - Troops on trains going to Pacific.
20:00   Troops home to family and jobs - Pilots demonstrate - no jobs.
21:05   Treasury Secretary John Snyder speaks - "We want a stable economy….." Economy in state of flux".
21:35   No cars - apartments.
22:00   Truman comments - "ticklish situation".
22:10   Quonset huts.
22:45   More homecomings - emergency housing.
23:30   Junking war material - civilian productivity; Truman was determined country would not have depression.