Motion Picture MP81-7

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - And Now - "Citizen," Episode No. 17

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Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
26 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 17. And Now - Citizen. This episode describes President Truman's retirement years.


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Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
0:00   18th century cartoons and John L. Lewis invective again Harry S. Truman. Robert Taft attacks Truman; Representative Timothy Sheehan calls for impeachment.
0:40   Sergeant William Storey, guard, Rose Conway, secretary, and Mrs. Smith, receptionist at the Harry S. Truman Library, greet Truman good morning.
0:55   Truman comments - "accustomed to being cussed and discussed ".
1:30   Credits.
2:05   Truman comments - says he was accused of being a traitor. Subpoenaed to appear before House Un-American Activities Committee.
2:30   President Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower in earlier days.
2:58   Senator Joseph McCarthy on train. Eisenhower appears with him.
3:14   Truman comments on transition and Inauguration Day. Eisenhower did not come to breakfast. Truman disliked discourtesy to First Lady.
4:40   Eisenhower's inauguration. No handshake for Truman.
5:35   Truman comments - describes departure from Washington D.C. 9,000 people saw him off.
6:45   Train on way to Independence.
7:00   At Independence depot - January 21, 1953. Mayor Roger Sermon and crowd.
8:35   Into house in Independence.
8:40   Bess talks with Harry at side in house in Independence about happiness at being home.
9:12   Truman in car - on way to Washington D. C.
9:30   Truman and James Petrillo - playing "Hail, Hail - the Gang's All Here" (Truman playing piano).
10;30   Attempt to entice Truman in promotion.
11:00   Truman comments on job offers. "No idea of promoting the Presidency" for a job for him.
11:50   Truman walks in neighborhood.
13:00   Narrator comments on Republican attempt to get Truman.
13:25   Truman comments on missing Eisenhower in Kansas City.
13:50   Truman and Adlai Stevenson: Chiang Kai-Shek scenes.
14:00   Truman comments on President Eisenhower's policies.
14:25   Truman criticizes Republican policies.
15:00   Truman comments.
15:10   Herbert Brownell, Jr. Attorney General, testifies and accuses Harry Dexter White of being a Communist. Criticizes Truman for appointing him to International Monetary Fund. Truman vilified.
16:10   Truman comments - "malicious lie".
16:30   Hearing on White; Brownell accuses; newspaper headlines; Tom Clark and Truman.
16:49   Nov. 1953. Truman speaks on his policy toward H. D. White.
18:10   J. Edgar Hoover testifies. Denies what Truman said.
18:50   Eisenhower admits things have gone too far.
19:07   McCarthy vilifies Truman, "Trumanism" - "placing party above country."
20:05   Joseph W. Welch - chastises McCarthy.
20:55   Truman comments on McCarthy. Says he helped Kremlin.
21:20   Truman at press conference. Refuses to testify. Explains stand.
21:55   McCarthy.
22:12   Truman struck by illness. Outpouring of sympathy.
22:52   Congressional committee and Richard Nixon pictured.
23:10   Report on Truman's health.
23:30   Truman comments on gall bladder operation.
23:45   Truman turns dirt for Truman Library groundbreaking.
24:10   Truman Library, and Truman in auditorium with children.
24:40   Truman comments - read part of his letters to Margaret.
25:05   Truman . . . . "He done his damndest . . . That's what I did."