Motion Picture MP81-8

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - The Smallest Nation, Episode No. 18

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Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
26 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 18.  The Smallest Nation. The subject of this episode is the conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States in Iran in 1946.


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Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
1:18   Harry S. Truman comments on Iran and Russia with U.N. action (sound fades).
2:19   Credits.
3:00   Return home of U.S. World War II soldiers.
3:43   Iranian conflict disrupts peace.
4:11   Russian occupation erupts into civil war.
4:46   Government of Iran paralyzed.
5:03   Truman welcomes nation at San Francisco United Nations conference.
5:40   Truman comments on U.N. - Americans want to end war - League of Nations.
6:14   Atomic bombs signal the nuclear age.
7:13   U.N. establishes temporary headquarters in New York City.
7:37   Truman reads letter from Paul Antonio, mechanic, congratulating him on U.N.
7:59   Russians moving forces into Iran.
8:07   Iranian Ambassador to U.S. turned to U.N.
8:13   Iranian Ambassador visits with Truman.
8:19   Stalin overseeing troops.
8:35   Allies in Iran to guarantee supply line during World War II.
9:19   Scenes of soldiers moving supplies during World War II.
9:34   Allies sign mutual agreement afterwards with Iran to leave within 6 month period.
9:50   Russians remain in Iran.
10:19   Rebellion in Iran with Russian occupation.
10:55   Signing U.N. Charter - human rights.
11:28   Russians refused to honor the agreement to leave Iran.
11:35   Truman speaks - decision to give U.S. support or U.S. would call upon U.N.
12:09   U.N. Security Council Meeting - determine fate of Iran.
12:45   Russia objects (Russian delegate Andrei Gromyko) - question must be postponed.
13:04   Rebellion scenes in Iran.
13:17   James F. Brynes, Secretary of State, postponement is violation of U.N. Charter.
13:43   Lieutenant Colonel William R. Hodgson (Australian delegate to U.N.) favors putting Iran on the agenda paper.
13:50   Malmoud Massan Pasha (Egyptian delegate to U.N.) wishes to allow Iran to explain position.
14:21   Security Council calls for vote.
14:40   Iran Ambassador will speak.
15:05   Truman speaks - Gromyko said Russians would permanently leave U.N. - hoped Russians would accept decision of Free World.
15:41   March 27, 1946, Russia walks out of meeting.
16:41   Truman speaks - history filled with wars.
17:10   World grew up with creation of U.N.
17:55   Hussein Ala (Iranian Ambassador to U.S.) appeals to U.N.
18:14   Truman speaks - world peace threatened.
19:09   International statesmanship - to discuss and to argue for justice.
19:41   Truman speaks - Stalin would not leave Iran till he got oil and territory.
20:09   Stalin watching marching troops.
20:17   Iranians and Russians in negotiations.
21:05   April 3, 1946, report Russia will remove troops by May 5.
21:23   Hussein Ala asks for immediate inspection of problem and that Russians withdraw troops as soon as possible.
21:41   Truman speaks - Stalin stalling - no intention of getting out of Iran.
22:03   U.N. action suspended until May 5.
22:12   Gromyko returns to U.N.
22:45   Iranian government, in gesture of friendship, sends representative to Russia.
23:05   Hopes of peace.
23:24   Truman speaks - Russia would establish puppet government.
23:41   New Iranian friendship with Russia.
24:05   May 5 - Russian troops do not withdraw.
24:27   Truman speaks on U.N. bringing Iranian situation to world attention.
25:33   Truman speaks - acting for U.N., U.S. gave Iranians help by sending ships to Persian Gulf and troops to Syria.
25:58   May 9, 1946, Russians evacuate Iran.