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Truman Summer Conference 2021

The Presidents and the Constitution

Lesson plan template (Word)

Materials from presenters will be posted here

Presenter Resources and handouts Video recordings of session

Katie Munn (National Archives)

Handout (PDF)

Robert Holzweiss (George H. W. Bush Library)

Primary Materials (Google drive)

Jeff Urbin (FDR Library)

Supreme Court Curriculum Guide

Angela Estep and Mark Adams (Truman Library)

Steel Crisis
Background essay
Truman speech
Steel Crisis inquiry lesson

Kathleen Pate (Clinton Library)

The Brady Bill (PDF)

Reagan Library

Situation Room


Joshua Montanari (Carter Library)

Carter and the Energy Crisis (PDF)

Elizabeth Dinschel (Hoover Library)

Hoover materials (Google drive)

Teacher panel
Kate Sutter
Valerie Schrag
Trish Kellenbarger
Derek Frieling

Podcast unit (PDF)
Reinventing the Constitutional Convention (PDF)
Meeting of the Minds: Gilded Age (PDF)
Six degrees of separation (PDF)
19th Amendment activity (PDF)

Kathleen Pate (Clinton Library) and Joy Murphy (Eisenhower Library)

Little Rock Nine
Park Service Site
Clinton Library digital exhibit
Eisenhower Library digital resources


Amanda Melancon (Johnson Library)

Voting Rights
Drop box link
Johnson Library Education Page
Cliff Wallace  and Craig Ellefson (Nixon Library)

War Powers Act lesson
NIxon to House of Representatives
Legislative Memo
Docs Teach materials

Jeff Urbin (FDR Library)

Images of Internment (Blog post)
Images of Internment FDR Library resources
Executive Order 9066
Truman Library resources
Mark Adams (Truman Library)

Virtual tour and Educational Resources
Lunch break photo!