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Bad Speeches

Students will analyze notable bad speeches from political figures. Students will then take on the role of speech editor to rewrite or edit the speech to make it successful.

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Presidential Power

Student will rank the Presidential powers from most important to least important.
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World War I Trial

Students will conduct a trial based around the question “How should instigators of war be held responsible for their actions?”
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Marshall Plan Promotions

Students will be placed in the role to produce support for the Marshall Plan from both the American public and Congress.
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Colonial Social Media

Applying a historical figure to modern social media.
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Presidential Bracketology

Students will debate the achievements of the Presidents.
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Atrocities on Trial

Students will determine which war crime trials were the most heinous during World War II and use evidence to build a case to convict the guilty.
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The Civil Rights Presidents

The purpose of this lesson is to take a comparative examination of the Civil Rights Movement. The actions of three Presidents at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement will be examined to determine the effectiveness of each.
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Truman's Recognition of Israel - A Role Play

Students need to develop an understanding of foreign relations between the United States and the rest of the world, especially the Middle East.
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Kansas, Missouri, and the Civil War, 1854-1865

Students will utilize Google Earth to build a route map of a participant in the Border War between Missouri and Kansas, noting stops and events along their path in the war.
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