Belton Farm

4 1/2 miles southeast of Belton, near Peculiar


Truman and his family lived on this 71-acre farm, called the Dye farm, from 1885 to 1887. Truman's brother, John Vivian Truman, was born here on April 25, 1886. Harry Truman's first memories were of things that happened on this farm. "My first memory is that of chasing a frog around the back yard [of our home] in Cass County, Missouri," he recalled. "Grandmother Young watched the performance and thought it very funny that a two-year-old could slap his knees and laugh so loudly at a jumping frog. Then I remember another incident at the same farm when my mother dropped me from an upstairs window into the arms of my Uncle Harrison Young, who had come to see the new baby, my brother Vivian." (From a handwritten autobiographical manuscript, 1945.)