Work Places

Work Place Location Significance
Clinton's Drugstore 100 West Maple Avenue
Independence, MO
Truman worked here for a few months when he was about 14 years old.
Kansas City Star Building 11th Street and Grand Avenue
Kansas City, MO
Truman worked in the mailroom wrapping newspapers for two weeks in August 1902.
National Bank of Commerce Journal Building
10th and Walnut Streets
Kansas City, MO
Truman worked here from April 24, 1903 to May 15, 1905.
Union National Bank 104 New York Life Building
9th Street and Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City, MO
Truman left the National Bank of Commerce to work here from 1905 to 1906.
Truman & Jacobson 104 West 12th Street
Kansas City, MO
Truman and Eddie Jacobson opened their haberdashery on November 28, 1919. The business failed in the economic downturn following World War I.
Reserve Officers Club 110th Engineers Armory
3620 Main Street
Kansas City, MO
Truman received a reserve officer commission in December 1920. In late 1921, he and several others founded the Reserve Officers Club.
Rural Jackson County Democratic Club 211 West Lexington Street
Independence, MO
During the April 1922 meeting of the club, Mike Pendergast announced that Harry Truman would be a candidate for eastern Jackson Couty judge in the coming election.
Veterans Memorial Hall 123 Southeast 3rd Street
Lee's Summit, MO
Truman announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for judge of eastern Jackson County and made his first political speech here on March 7, 1922.
Jackson County Courthouse Independence Square
Independence, MO
Truman served as presiding judge from 1926 to 1934. During this time, he divided his time between the two Jackson County courthouses, in Independence and Kansas City.
Community Savings and Loan 204 North Liberty Street
Independence, MO
In the fall of 1925, Truman and two partners took over this bank. In April 1926, Truman became president of the savings and loan.
Jackson County Courthouse 5th and Oak Streets until 1934
415 East 12th Street thereafter
Kansas City, MO
Truman decided very quickly after he became county judge in 1923 that the old Courthouse needed to be replaced. The new Courthouse was dedicated in 1934.
Jackson Democratic Club 1908 Main Street
Kansas City, MO
Tom Pendergast's office was on the second floor of this very unpretentious building.
1827 Jackson County Log Courthouse 107 West Kansas Street
Independence, MO
Truman held sessions of court here in 1932-33, while the Independence courthouse was being enlarged and remodeled.
United States Courthouse 811 Grand Avenue, Room 649
Kansas City, MO
Truman had an office here during the time he was U.S. Senator and Vice President, 1939 to 1945.
Muehlebach Hotel 12th Street and Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City, MO
The Muehlebach's Presidential Suite on the eleventh floor served as Truman's headquarters in Kansas City from 1944-1953.
Federal Reserve Building 925 Grand Avenue, Room 1107
Kansas City, MO
Truman had an office here from the time he left the presidency in 1953 until the Truman Library was completed in 1957.
Harry S. Truman Library 500 West U.S. Highway 24
Independence, MO
The Truman Library was the center of Truman's public life from its dedication July 6, 1957 until 1966, when ill health confined him largely to his home.