Social Places

Social Place Location Significance
822 Club 8th Floor, Kansas City Building
13th Street and Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City, MO
Beginning in the 1930s club members frequently invited Truman to play poker with them.
Belton Masonic Lodge 450 Ella and Main Streets
Belton, MO
Truman petitioned for membership in the Belton Masonic Lodge in December 1908.
Convention Hall 13th Street and Central Avenue
Kansas City, MO
Truman was a page here at the 1900 Democratic National Convention, and later attended piano recitals and operas here.
Crown/George Miller Barbershop 417 West Maple Avenue
Independence, MO
Truman often had his hair cut at the George Miller Barbershop probably beginning in the 1950s.
Dixon's Chili Parlor 1504 Olive Street
Kansas City, MO
Truman probably began going to this chili parlor not too long after it opened in 1919.
George W. Settle Barbershop 110 East 10th Street
Kansas City, MO
The barber for Truman's World War I unit cut Truman's hair here for many years.
Grandview Masonic Lodge 618 Grandview, MO In 1911, Truman lead the effort to organize Masonic Lodge 618 in Grandview. He was elected its first master.
The Harpie Club 101 North Main Street
Independence, MO
This club was formed by Truman's friends in 1924 for the purpose of playing poker.
Hotel Baltimore 11th Street and Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City, MO
This was probably Kansas City's finest hotel during the time Truman was a young and middle aged man.
Memorial Building 416 West Maple
Independence, MO
This was Harry and Bess Truman's regular voting place.
Oakwood Country Club 9800 Grandview Road
Kansas City, MO
After leaving the presidency, Truman sometimes came here for dinner and a card game.
Savoy Grill 9th Street and Central Avenue
Kansas City, MO
Truman ate here many times in his later years.
Streets of Independence The routes of Truman's walks
Independence, MO
Truman began taking walks when he became a Senator in 1935. They usually began at 7 a.m.
Theaters of Kansas City Kansas City, MO Truman loved Kansas City's theaters, including the Orpheum, Grand Opera House, Convention Hall, Shubert, Willis Wood, Talbot's Hippodrome, and the five-cent show.