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Rural Jackson County Democratic Club

Rural Jackson County Democratic Club

The Rural Jackson County Democratic Club, the eastern Jackson County branch of Tom Pendergast's Jackson Democratic Club, apparently met from time to time at both 111 1/2 West Lexington Street and 211 West Lexington Street. Mike Pendergast, Tom's brother, headed the club during the early and mid 1920s. Truman called him "my political mentor and daddy.... I loved him as I did my own daddy." (Handwritten manuscript, ca. 1930.)

During an April 1922 meeting of the club in the upstairs room of 211 West Lexington Street, Mike Pendergast announced that Harry Truman would be the candidate for eastern Jackson County judge of the Pendergast faction of the Democratic party in the coming election. This announcement disappointed a few members who were interested in running themselves. He won, and his political career had begun.

Truman's headquarters during his 1922 campaign were at 111 1/2 West Lexington Street, which no longer exists. The building at 211 West Lexington Street (pictured) which also housed the club still exists.