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President Truman Receives Maine Salmon

Three Republican Congressmen from Maine present President Harry S. Truman with a salmon in the Oval Office. The ten-pound salmon was the first taken on fly from the Penobscot River. Shown from left to right: Representative Robert Hale of Portland; President Harry S. Truman; Representative Frank Fellows of Bangor; and Representative Charles D. Nelson of Augusta. Donated by the Chicago Sun-Times.

President Truman Buys CARE Package to Feed Europe's Hungry People

In a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House, President Harry S. Truman hands a check for $1500 to Lt. General William N. Haskell to pay for 100 CARE packages of food to be sent to 10 heads of state in Europe for distribution among the hungry. Haskell is Executive Director of Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, Inc. (CARE) a non-profit organization whose purpose is to supplement the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) and act as a means for the whole country to provide a hungry person in Europe with food enough for three or four weeks.

President Truman receives scroll

President Harry S. Truman receives a scroll from a group of Judge Advocates General of both Latin American countries and the United States. President Truman (left) is shaking hands with Lt. Col. Miguel Burset (right). United States Army Maj. Gen. Myron C. Cramer, USA Judge Advocate of the Armies, is in the center foreground.