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Oral History Interviews


The Truman Library has approximately 500 interviews supplementing the written record of Harry S. Truman's life and times. The interviews are available in transcript form and range in length from fewer than 10 to over 1,000 pages, with most being between 20 and 200 pages. Most of the interviews include a name and subject index attached to the transcript. There is a cumulative index for the entire oral history collection available in the research room at the Library.

The list below gives the name of the person interviewed, his or her principal positions, and the number of pages in the transcript. This list does not include information about specific copyright or donor restrictions. This information is included with the individual interview transcripts. Interviews that were conducted by an oral history program other than the Library's are properly accredited. Interviews with friends, neighbors, and personal associates of Harry S. Truman have been conducted by the National Park Service, and transcripts can be found on their website.

TAMES, GEORGE. Photographer for Time magazine, 1938-45 and the New York Times, 1945-85. 73 pages.
TANNENWALD, THEODORE, JR. Assistant Director and Chief of Staff to the Director, Mutual Security Agency, 1951-53. 84 pages.
THACHER, NICHOLAS G. Foreign Service Officer whose assignments related to South Asia and the Middle East, 1947-73. 81 pages.
THE TRUMAN WHITE HOUSE Joint interview with Charles S. Murphy, Special Counsel to the President, 1950-53; Richard E. Neustadt, Special Assistant in the White House Office, 1950-53; David H. Stowe, Administrative Assistant to the President, 1949-53; and James E. Webb, Director of the Bureau of the Budget, 1946-49. Interview conducted by the National Academy of Public Administration, 104 pages.
THEIS, J.WILLIAM Chief, U.S. Senate staff of the International News Service, 1945-58; chief, U.S. Senate staff of United Press International, 1958-68. 48 pages.
THELEN, EDWARD F. Associate of Harry S. Truman in the Army Reserve officers training program, 1930-40. 64 pages.
THORP, WILLARD L. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1946-52. 182 pages.
TIMMONS, BENSON E. L., III. Executive Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, 1946-48; Special Assistant to the Chief, 1948-49, and Deputy Chief, 1949-54, Economic Cooperation Administration Mission to France. 25 pages.
TOLAN, JOHN H., JR. Naval liaison officer with the Special Committee of the Senate to Investigate the National Defense Program (Truman Committee), 1943-45. 228 pages.
TREZISE, PHILIP H. Office of Intelligence Research, Department of State, 1943-56. 44 pages.
TROHAN, WALTER. Executive director, 1947-49, and chief, 1949-69, Washington, D.C. bureau of the Chicago Tribune. 129 pages.
TRUMAN, FRED L. Son of J. Vivian and Luella Truman, nephew of Harry S. Truman. 72 pages. Also an interview conducted by the William Jewell College Oral History Project, 18 pages.
TRUMAN, LOUIS W. General, US Army; cousin of Harry S. Truman. 100 pages.
TRUMAN, MARY JANE Sister of Harry S. Truman. 78 pages. Also an interview conducted by the William Jewell College Oral History Project, 37 pages.
TSALDARIS, CONSTANTINE. Prime Minister, Greece, 1946-47. 27 pages.
TUBBY, ROGER. Assistant Press Secretary to the President, 1950-52; Press Secretary to the President, 1952-53. 144 pages.
TURNER, J.C. Official, International Union of Operating Engineers. 54 pages.
TYSON, WILLIAM S. Solicitor, Department of Labor, 1945-53. 73 pages.