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Oral History Interviews


The Truman Library has approximately 500 interviews supplementing the written record of Harry S. Truman's life and times. The interviews are available in transcript form and range in length from fewer than 10 to over 1,000 pages, with most being between 20 and 200 pages. Most of the interviews include a name and subject index attached to the transcript. There is a cumulative index for the entire oral history collection available in the research room at the Library.

The list below gives the name of the person interviewed, his or her principal positions, and the number of pages in the transcript. This list does not include information about specific copyright or donor restrictions. This information is included with the individual interview transcripts. Interviews that were conducted by an oral history program other than the Library's are properly accredited. Interviews with friends, neighbors, and personal associates of Harry S. Truman have been conducted by the National Park Service, and transcripts can be found on their website.

GARDNER, WARNER W. Solicitor, Department of the Interior, 1942-46; Assistant Secretary of the Interior, 1946-47. 66 pages.
GAY, MERRILL C. Assistant Chief, Division of Commercial Policy, Department of State, 1944-49; Economic Adviser to the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs, 1949-55. 67 pages.
GENTRY, SUE Reporter, editor, and columnist for the Independence Examiner, 1929-73; longtime friend of the Truman family. 35 pages.
GETZ WOLD, KNUT. Chief, Marshall Plan Division, Ministry of Commerce, Norway, 1948-58. 45 pages.
GIBSON, TRUMAN. MeChief Civilian Advisor to the Secretary of War, 1943-1946; Member, President's Advisory Commission on Universal Training, 1946-1947. 25 pages.
GILMORE, DURWARD W. Member, Missouri State Senate, 1949-51; president, Young Democrats of America, 1949-51. 83 pages.
GILPATRIC, ROSWELL L. Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, 1951; Under Secretary of the Air Force, 1951-53. 48 pages.
GODDARD, STERLING E. Grandview, Missouri, friend of the Truman family. 55 pages.
GOLDEN, WILLIAM T. Assistant to the Commissioner, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), 1946-50; consultant to the AEC, 1950-58; Special consultant to the U.S. President to review organization of the Government's military-scientific activities incident to the Korean War, consultant to Director of the Budget, 1950-51; member of military procurement task force of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of Government (Hoover Commission), 1954-55. 52 pages.
GOLDSMITH, RAYMOND W. Economist, Department of State, 1947-48. 39 pages.
GOLDY, DANIEL. Official with the Department of Labor, 1946-47; the Department of the Interior, 1947-51; and the Economic Cooperation Administration and Mutual Security Agency, 1951-52. 49 pages.
GOODWIN, ROBERT L. Administrator, Defense Manpower Administration, 1950-53. 57 pages.
GORDON, LINCOLN. Director, Program Division, Office of Economic Cooperation Administration Special Representative in Europe, 1949-50; economic adviser to the Special Assistant to the President, 1950-51; Assistant Director, Mutual Security Agency, 1951-52. 170 pages.
GRAHAM, HAZEL First executive director, Jackson County (Missouri) Historical Society; friend of President and Mrs. Harry S. Truman. 64 pages.
GRAHAM, WALLACE H. White House physician, 1945-53; U.S. Army officer and medical doctor during World War II; personal physician to Harry S. Truman, 1945-72. 96 pages. Additional interview conducted by the William Jewell College Oral History Project, 66 pages.
GRANOFF, A. J. Kansas City businessman and friend of Harry S. Truman and Edward Jacobson. 90 pages.
GRAY, GORDON. Assistant Secretary of the Army, 1947-48; Secretary of the Army, 1949-50; Special Assistant to the President, 1950. 57 pages.
GREEN, RAPHAEL Raphael Green was a member of the secretariat of the mission to Korea and Manchuria, May to July, 1946, headed by Ambassador Edwin W. Pauley, President Truman's personal representative on the Allied Commission for Reparations. Later in life, Green became an independent producer of travel films. 36 pages.
GREENE, CHARLES J. Washington, D.C. correspondent, New York Daily News, 1946-69; Chief, Washington, D.C. bureau, New York Daily News, 1969-75. 57 pages.
GRIFFIN, R. ALLEN. Deputy Chief, China Aid Mission, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-49; Director, Far East Program Division, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1950; Special Representative of the Economic Cooperation Administration and the Mutual Security Agency to the Far East, 1951-52. 76 pages.
GRIFFITH, PAUL H. National commander, American Legion, 1946-47; Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1950. 58 pages.
GRUBE, ESTHER. Grandview, Missouri, friend of the Truman family. 50 pages.