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Paul W. Ager Oral History Interviews

Oral History Interviews with
Paul W. Ager

Chief Budget Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority, 1940-47.

Interview Transcripts
August 15,1970 Number1 | August 15,1970 Number2
by Dr. Charles W. Crawford

[Notices and Restrictions]


This interview transcript was given to the Harry S. Truman Library by Mr. Paul Ager, December, 1981. These are transcripts of tape-recorded interviews. The reader should remember that these are essentially transcripts of the spoken, rather than the written word.

Numbers appearing in square brackets (ex. [45]) within the transcript indicate the pagination in the original, hardcopy version of the oral history interview.

Citation of this interview should note that it is from a copy in the Truman Library of an original transcript in Memphis State University 's oral history collection. Plans to publish an extensive portion of the interview should be discussed with representatives of Memphis State University , Oral History Research Office, Memphis , Tennessee .



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