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Ambassador William Fletcher Warren Oral History Interviews

Oral History Interviews with Ambassador William Fletcher Warren

Ambassador to Nicaragua, 1945-47; Ambassador to Paraguay, 1947-50; Director, Office of South American Affairs, Department of State, 1950; Ambassador to Venezuela,

Interview Transcripts

Volume I
September 6, 1973 | September 10, 1973 | September 17, 1973

Volume II
September 24, 1973 | October 15, 1973 | October 22, 1973

Volume III
January 4, 1974 | January 14, 1974 | January 21, 1974

[Notices and Restrictions]


This is a transcription of an interview for the Oral History Program at East Texas State University, Commerce, Texas. A draft of this transcript was edited by the interviewee but only minor emendations were made; therefore, the reader should remember that this is essentially a transcript of the spoken, rather than the written word.

Numbers appearing in square brackets (ex. [45]) within the transcript indicate the pagination in the original, hardcopy version of the oral history interview.

Scholars and researchers may utilize short excerpts from this transcription without obtaining permission if proper credit is given to the interviewee, the interviewer, and the University. For extensive use of this material, permission must be obtained from the University.

This material may not be reproduced by any party except East Texas State University . However, to further the goal of thorough research, copies of unrestricted interviews may be obtained at cost by contacting the Oral History Office, East Texas State University , Commerce , Texas 75428 .


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