Korean War, 1950-1953

Korean War Home Movies by Charles Spurlin

Home movies taken during the Korean War by American soldier Charles Spurlin, exact date unknown, c. 1951-1953. Most of this reel was taken from a moving vehicle and is fast-moving and jumpy. It shows the Korean countryside, local residents going about daily life, and activities at an unidentified military base. There are a couple of glimpses of military airplanes flying overhead. The quality of this footage varies from fair to good.

"Kim" Korean War Home Movies

This silent home movie from Korean War soldier Robert Lodge was labeled "Kim." It includes a mix of color and black and white footage, taken during Lodge's service in 1952. It includes interactions between American soldiers and Korean people, unidentified Korean landmarks, children swimming, and soldiers relaxing.

Portions of this movie are closed due to privacy restrictions. Please contact the audiovisual archivist with questions.

This footage is in the public domain. Please credit: Robert D. Lodge. Harry S. Truman Library.